Commission Prices
Ponytail Strawbs


Check here for some examples. That is a commission price sheet, but does not have as much info as this journal. 

*PLEASE NOTE, all prices are subject to change depending on complexity of the subject, how long it will take, and the amount of work necessary. 

General Information

  • All prices are in CAD

  • I accept paypal only

  • I require payment upfront

  • I do not accept DA points

  • You will always receive the full resolution file, and the smaller “internet friendly” version.

If you want a commission

  • At the moment, I open commissions through journals only. You can find them mostly on FA at strawberryneko. 

| Full Commissions |

The whole kit and caboodle. Full commission include preliminary sketch and ink previews, and allows for any necessary alterations to be made mid-way. Specifications can be tailored to the commissioner's needs, or creative control relinquished to the artist to go wild.

Half Body, per character

Versatile commission that depicts your character(s) from about the hips and up.Simple backgrounds included by default or left white, specific background can be added from an additional fee.

  • Sketch - $20

  • Inks - $30

  • Flat Coloured - $40

  • Full Colour - $50

Full Body, per character

Most, if not all, of your character(s) will be present.

Simple backgrounds included by default or left white, specific background can be added from an additional fee.

  • Sketch - $30

  • Inks - $40

  • Flat Coloured - $50

  • Full Colour - $60

Reference Sheets

A reference sheet of your character, flat coloured and complete with swatches.I like to make my reference sheets easy to pick and chose from. What if you don't need a back shot? No headshots? Etc. Or, want more. Look below for a list of prices. These are all base prices, so the price can go up or down depending on character complexity and clothing. 

  • 50$ per full body image
  • Copy Pasted Clothing - 5-10$ 
  • What is "Copy Pasted Clothing?". This is when I do a full body shot, then copy and paste it and add clothing you'd like on it. This makes it cheaper compared to getting two regular full body shots.
  • 10-20$ per headshot
  • 5-10$ for accessories/clothing. 
  • Other. You can always ask for something not listed here and I can give you a quote on that.  

Terms of Sevice
Ponytail Strawbs



General Info

  • My preferred method of communication is e-mail (sbpawprint[at], but notes are acceptable for quick exchanges and small inquiries. Full information and details need to be sent by email. 

  • I am comfortable drawing a wide variety of subject matters, but I have my strengths and weaknesses. I am open to all different types of animal species (including humans), settings, scenarios and genders. I am not very comfortable with heavy machinery, intricate armour, vehicles, detailed weaponry, or complex architecture. Familiarize yourself with my work before commissioning me, but when in doubt just ask

  • It is the responsibility of the commissioner to provide me with all neccesary information to complete the commission. 

Detailed "Will do/Will not do" List
If unsure whether or not I will draw something, just ask! I am a clean artist, but I assure you I am very open minded and do not judge others for their interests or ideas, and such inquires will be kept private. 

I'm A-OK with drawing: 

  • Babyfurs/Kids/Cubs

  • Diapers/Adults in diapers or baby clothing

  • Tasteful nudity. I am fine with drawing nipples in a non-sexual manner. Think artistic nudity. 

  • Bondage

  • Suggestive material while still not being adult art

  • I will draw gore/violence provided it isn't too cruel/sadistic/entering fetish territory. 

Will not do at all: 

  • Porn

  • Adult/Suggestive material of cubs/kids/babyfurs

  • I will not draw anything I deem hateful in nature towards any person/race/orientation/religion/identity, etc. 

Payment and Payment Plans

  • Payment is due up-front before any work has begun. 

  • I do offer a half and half payment plan if it's needed! 
    Half and Half : I require half of the payment upfront and will do half the work. The next half is then required and I will finish the work. 

  • PAYPAL ONLY. No e-cheques. No exceptions. 

  • Please have payment ready within 48 hours of your commission being accepted. If payment is not provided promptly, your slot may be given up to another at my discretion.


  • If I am unable to start your commission, or you have to cancel before work has begun, you will be refunded in full. 
    The Artist reserves the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission, at any time, due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behaviour or the inability to communicate in effective English. 

  • The commissioner may also cancel a commission at any time, for any reason. 
  • In the case of a cancellation on my part due to personal matters, you will be refunded in full even if work has begun.

  • In the case of a cancellation on your part or due to commissioner conduct, you will receive a refund in full if no work has begun. If any work have been done, you will receive a partial refund, minurs the amount for the work done.

  • Artwork is non-refundable once complete. 

Edits and Alterations

  • I will provide a rough sketch and Inked progress update for you to approve.
  • Icons are treated differently. Unless asked, icons do not have any approval stages. 
  • Generally I do not allow any more then two alterations (unless they are my mistakes) before asking for compensation, but this is subject to vary depending on the project, size of the alterations and amount initially paid.
  • Complete re-draws in the sketch stage are free if it is due to my own mistakes. If you'd like a re-draw of the same pose/idea but done a bit differently, this is half the price of a regular sketch of that style. If you'd like a whole new pose/idea, then it is the full price of a regular sketch. 

Turn-around and Deadlines

  • Commissions are generally worked on one at a time, in the order in which they were received. If you are at the bottom of the queue do not rush me. I will drop commissioners who are too pushy. 

  • If a deadline is not set, I will try my best to get your art finished within three months time maximum, but very rarely does it take that long. I do my best to get art done as quickly as possible, but time taken can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors --complexity, communication, how many people are ahead of you in my queue, etc. 

  • If you need something done by a certain date, I require at least two weeks notice. Furthermore, if you do want to set a deadline, please be clear about this and make sure I have agreed to said deadline. 

How I work

  • Majority of the time, I'm very strict when it comes to first come, first serve. It's only fair to those who pay first. 
  • Rarely though, I do need to jump around just a bit. Only when all those commissions have a similar time frame on who paid first (i.e, a couple hours difference to a day or two). It does happen that I sometimes need a break from a commission I'm working on, feel I would have an easier time sketching today rather then inking or I simply have a lot of inspiration for a different piece. I do this to make sure you each get the best possible piece. So if you do see a bit of jumping around, please do not fret! You will not be pushed aside for new commission, except for small items, see below. 
  • Once in a while, I will take on small commissions, icons or sketches, which will be done in-between commissions. I consider these warm-ups and would need to do a warm-up before your commission, paid or not, so it honestly does not get in the way. 


  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason, and am in no way obligated to provide a reason in the case of refusal. 

  • Unless I have explicitly stated otherwise, I will retain all copyright to my artwork, even when characters contained within the work belong to the commissioner. It is in my right to post, distribute, copy, reproduce, etc for promotion. 

  • You are free to post any commission done for you to a personal/public gallery, so long as credit is provided. I do, however, ask you do not re-post commissions and their full size to public galleries, and do not remove my signature on the image. 

  • I am not obligated to post your commission to my gallery, or anywhere else. 

  • You have permission to alter/crop/edit/etc your commission for websites, banners, signatures, icons ,and so on provided there is credit. 

  • You have permission to make prints/copies of the image so long as it is for personal use and no profit is made. 

  • Please discuss things with me if you want to purchase an image's full copyright/publishing rights. 

  • I reserve the right to use rejected sketches (i.e. if you rejected a sketch for a whole new pose) for my own use, but I will  alter it so the character doesn't look like yours

Contacting me

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or are just curious about your commission's status, feel free to e-mail me at sbpawprint[at] 

  • If you are waiting on a commission, I ask that the commissioner give at least a weeks time after each update before asking for another. I do not want to leave anyone in the dark, but I also do not like being hounded as it can kill my motivation. Unless there is a deadline. 

Don't forget about the COMMISSION QUEUE if you are wondering about the status of your commission. It's updated very frequently. 

Other info

  • Do you livestream commissions? Short answer is no. Long answer: I very rarely stream, it's always random, whenever the mood hits me. Scheduling streams is very difficult for me so I cannot plan ahead with you, sorry! 
  • If I don't have any references, is there an extra fee? This very much depends on the details, how simple it is, description, etc. Very rarely is there a fee but if it's very complicated then there is. Fee price varies from subject to subject and will be discussed with you. 
  • Will you design a character for me? I sure can! I very much enjoy designing characters, but like above, it really depends on details. 
  • Will you draw in another style? Usually no, but feel free to ask! Sometimes it's great fun and a good challenge. 
  • What format will I get the high-res image in? You will receive a PNG format, unless you'd like another format. SAI and PSD files are not offered unless discussed before hand.  
  • Is there a fee for private commissions? Currently, no, but only if you let me know before I start. I'm perfectly fine with keeping things private, or keeping things private until a certain time (for birthdays and gifts)

My characters
Ponytail Strawbs
I've tried making different lists of my characters and giving them personalities and backgrounds, but I'm more the type who just likes to draw them, rather then think up info, so I'll keep this list as simple as I can c:

I love gift art, who doesn't? So it's perfectly fine to draw any of my characters. All I ask is that sexual things/fetishes be asked first, clean things can be surprises if you'd like! 

Neko- This is the only character that I do NOT want drawn sexually unless I ask.

Puppy- Mutt. No real name yet and have no full body reference just yet, but should soon! 
Jannette- Cabbit
Alice- Wildrabbit. Design will be revised soon, but just putting the reference there for now.
Star- Red panda
Lina- Corgi.
Sachi- On the left. More- Drawn by Ashi
Wolf- No name yet but thinking Luna.
Sugar- Feline
Rachael- Border Collie, partly mutt
Berry- Mutt
Cupcake- Mutt
Tobin- Fennec. Usually older
Echo- Fennec. Tobin's girlfriend.
Maria- Some type of bovine.
Momo- Feline, calico
Pomegranate- Golden tiger, age varies but usually young or just small.

I have more, will add at some point haha


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